Refresher on Gwendoline website

by Admin 15. February 2012 04:01

Wow, it's been a while since our last post!  Xplore Studio have really been busy the last month...


Gwendoline, a gospel singer in Durbanville approached Xplore Studio to help her with a refresher on her website, which Xplore Studio have designed and developed two years ago.


Keeping in mind that Gwendoline had just brought out a new cd and dvd called "Gwendoline en die Bet-El-kids", we have managed to keep the website still on a professional level, but bringing in some more colour and playfulness that blends in with the kids theme. Apart from working in Gwendoline's favourite colours, whe have managed to add that personal touch and warmth that reflects her beauty and personality. Have a look at the new site,


Your website is your most important piece of online marketing material, and it needs to be at its best. If you have been going on with your website for more than three years, consider to re-design by Xplore Studio.




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